Shib community members initiated to create the second ten thousand times coin

Contract address: 0x8424b4c691473c873067b65d5f40f3ff0bf7463e

About shibking

Original intention of the project

Shibking is a token project to reward Shib. We aim to make all small partners who have suffered a sharp drop in the currency circle regain confidence, Nirvana and rebirth, and gather a new 10000 times legendary community - shibking!
The project is initiated by Shib community members. There is no team or large family. Create a fair, open and fair community to hold tokens and strive for the goal of 10000 times.
This is what we have learned from successful cases and built with the dedication of dozens of community members with thousands of times and tens of thousands of times. We believe that this project will truly become an Immortal King.

Token Economics

Total issuance 1000 trillion token

0 %
Pre sale
0 %
Add liquidity
0 %
Operating Wallet
0 %
Airdrop currency holding address

Combustion mechanism

0 %
Cash dividends (Shib)
0 %
Repo liquidity
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Marketing Wallet

$Shibking is listed on PCS

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What is Shibking?



Our telegram channel is actively monitored by our mod team. We strive for a friendly and well mannered community. All news and updates can also be found in our channel. Got some questions related to our project? Feel free to join in and ask away.